Dyslexia Awareness Week Case Studies & Employment Law

Dyslexia Awareness Week Case Studies & Employment Law

As Dyslexia Awareness Week 2017 is in full flow, it is a good time to share case studies from inspirational individuals who are using their strengths as dyslexics to make a mark at work.

There are many great examples of people with dyslexia becoming very successful by using the strengths of the dyslexic brain. Margaret Rooke's book Creative, Successful, Dyslexic provides an example of 23 very well-known people from the arts, sport, and business worlds talking about how dyslexia affected their childhood; how they were able to overcome the challenges and use the special strengths of dyslexia to achieve great success in adulthood.

One example from the book comes from Mollie King, Saturday's Singer and currently a strong contestant on Strictly Come Dancing. Mollie wrote about the difficulties of her schooldays, having to stand up in class and read out loud. "I remember my friend having to whisper words to help me through. I felt so puzzled when the others seemed to find their schoolwork so much easier. I hated the amount of time it took me to make my way through my homework."

But she added, talking about those whose stories are in the book, "There is life after school and it was then that creativity, determination and outlook helped get them to get to where they wanted to be.... I know that self-belief and confidence can be key to overcoming life's challenges and achieving our dreams."

To find out more about Employment Law and Dyslexia, sign up to the BDA webinar: Employment Law and Dyslexia taking place this Thursday (5th October) 7.30-8.30 pm and presented by Margaret Malpas MBE. Margaret has a unique perspective on Dyslexia and HR. She has enjoyed a 40 year career in HR and is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD, as well as holding AMBDA status re adults and dyslexia/ SpLD. 

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