Team BDA - London Marathon 2019!

Team BDA - London Marathon 2019!

The London Marathon 2019 takes place this weekend, on Sunday 28th April! We thought we would introduce you to some more members of Team BDA who are doing a fantastic job of training for the big one, whilst raising vital funds for those with dyslexia!

Chris Millar

On Sunday 28 April 2019, I am running the London Marathon in aid of the British Dyslexia Association - and for my son, Freddie. He's an inspiration to me and so I hope I can be an inspiration to him.

I'm not doing this because I like running at 6am on Sunday mornings! Unfortunately I really don't...

I'm doing this because Freddie is a happy, thoughtful, kind, bright as a button, eloquent and friendly little boy. He's an utter joy to be around and always has been. He loves learning about the world, epic stories and history.

He's also very dyslexic. That affects things you might expect like his reading, writing and spelling - but also how he organises himself, his ability physically to write and his short term memory and processing skills. At times, he gets very frustrated and very upset.

And yet he picks himself up, smiles his beautiful smile and works really hard to do his very best.

I'm very proud of him and so I'm supporting - with the help of my friend, Mark, who is Freddie's best friend's dad - the excellent work of the British Dyslexia Association who campaign for support to help dyslexic people reach their full potential.

Please donate to help us to help them - and to support Freddie and many other dyslexic children facing the same challenges.

Thank you! Chris.


Isabel Sangricoli

For many, running the London Marathon is a real bucket list moment after being inspired by the thousands of runners who head out each year to complete the iconic 42.2km course.

Getting a place on the London Marathon this year was certainly the start of that experience for me, however when the reality of training in the depths of winter kicks in, it takes a cause that inspires you to actually keep going!

I am therefore excited and grateful to the British Dyslexia Association for accepting me onto their team this year, joining a friendly and committed group of runners fundraising on behalf of the BDA.

The BDA is a small but great charity, offering information, support and training for those living with dyslexia and their network of family, colleagues and teachers. Many of my fellow TeamBDA runners have shared inspiring stories of how the charity has made a difference to them which proves (if proof were needed) of the value of their work.

While I don’t have a personal dyslexia story inspiring me to run, I am very aware of just how many of my friends, family and acquaintances do have their own dyslexia story to tell and how they, on hearing of my chosen charity, have wanted to share their personal experiences.

Many of those people told me about their challenges at school, often not knowing until many years later that they were in fact dyslexic, while others spoke positively of the support they received in education and the workplace to allow them to thrive in their chosen field and go on to achieve their amazing success stories; it is so motivating to know that my fundraising will help others go on to do great things.

Having sprained my ankle in training in February of this year, I feared my chances of running the 2019 marathon were over, however (with positive support from TeamBDA) I am now working as hard as I can to ensure I get over the finishing line on the 28th April!

I hope many of you will be as generous as you can to support this great cause and keep me going on the big day!


Thank you

A huge good luck and thank you to all of our runners on Sunday. Please come along and support them if you can! If you can't make it to London, you can also support the team on social media using the hashtag #TeamBDA