Masterclasses at the International Conference!

Masterclasses at the International Conference!

The BDA is excited to announce a new experience to provide a greater insight into the world of dyslexia - Masterclasses.

Masterclasses will first be introduced at the International Conference, 12-14th April 2018, Telford. There is no need to book separately - access to these sessions are all part of your conference experience so included with your IC ticket. Come along and enjoy a chance to hear the experts discuss key issues and ask lots of questions. 

Professor Steve Chinn and Judy Hornigold will present together on Thursday morning, ‘Practical Solutions for Dyscalculia’. This session will explore good practice and present practical ideas to support those with dyscalculia. 

Thursday afternoon, we will welcome Professor Robert Savage presenting ‘Using the ABRACADABRA web-technology to mobilize knowledge about effective early literacy teaching’. This session will describe nearly 15 years of programmatic work on the design, development and testing of ABRACADABRA, a free-access web-based literacy tool.’  As one of our keynote speakers, this will be a unique opportunity to ask Professor Savage some questions and listen to him talk about the benefits of ABRACADABRA.

Friday morning, we will welcome Katrina Cochrane (BDA Accreditation Member) and Mike Johnson (BDA Accreditation Executive Chair) as they present ‘Hints and Tips for a Successful APC Renewal – how to avoid any pitfalls in your application’. This is a chance to ask the experts and find out more about your APC and AMBDA pathways.  A very special chance to have time with two CPD experts.

Friday afternoon’s Masterclass will be presented by the BDA Team, join us for a Masterclass on Dyslexia Friendly Good Practice, assessing, and supporting literacy. A chance to ask the experts and find out how dyslexia friendly practice can inform Quality First Teaching.