Introducing Team BDA for the London Marathon 2019

Introducing Team BDA for the London Marathon 2019

As the countdown to the Virgin Money London Marathon 2019 grows shorter and shorter, we'd like to introduce you to Team BDA and the runners who will be raising vital funds for the British Dyslexia Association this April!

Come along and support Team BDA on the day of the marathon - 28th April 2019!

Natalie Feasey

Hi I’m Natalie, a mum who runs around after my children relentlessly with all of THEIR fitness activities!

I decided it was time I ran around after myself as I’ve always loved the idea of a marathon challenge. What better charity to choose than one that helps raise awareness for 10% of our population who struggle with dyslexia!

We ARE all different and I’d like to help share the message that we can all achieve by #doingthingsdifferently.

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Robert Starr

My name is Rob Starr, Houseparent at Bredon School.  I am running the 2019 London Marathon for a tremendous charity that is close to my heart, British Dyslexia Association.

Running and fitness isn’t new to me but the years have not been kind! Having recently returned to fitness by joining my local crossfit box in Tewkesbury. I’m currently weighing in at 19 stone. I fully appreciate this challenge will be a hard road. Having served in the Army for 14 years, I have the drive and determination to complete this challenge being confident that my past training will aid my vigorous and disciplined training programme. I have completed numerous 10k races. Four half marathons and one full marathon in Bournemouth 5 years ago.

After leaving the Army in 2005 due to injury, Nicola and I settled back in Telford with our son Thomas.  Through fortunate circumstance I was offered a job within in a School having applied for the position of caretaker, I left the interview being appointed the School Behaviour Manager. Nicola and I have not looked back from that day, we have both found a passion for looking after the well-being of children. Empowering the children of today to overcome adversity, the day to day challenges and building their resilience has been at the forefront of what we have endeavoured to achieve not only with our own son but all the children that have come into our care.

Why the British Dyslexia Association? Nicola and I have been working at Bredon School for nearly 4 years.  As houseparent’s we see the daily challenges most of our boys have with dyslexia, more importantly we see the great work they do when they work out the strategies to overcome the challenge. Both the school and boarding staff are exceptionally well trained in supporting all our students, in turn being supported by the BDA on a regular basis.

To raise funds for a charity that is so close to our hearts is important to both myself and the parents of the children we care for within the boarding community. I will be starting a running club for both students and staff to come along and train with me.  We will also be doing the local park runs on a Saturday, I hope to inspire our children to learn that to achieve something that may look impossible can be done if you are committed and willing to push your own personal boundaries no matter how small they maybe.

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We will share more stories from Team BDA as the marathon draws closer!

Want to get involved?

We're always looking out for helpful volunteers, so if you'd like to support the BDA at the London Marathon, please email for more information.