BDA APC Renewal Process Feedback

BDA APC Renewal Process Feedback

The BDA would like to share some lovely feedback about our APC renewals process:

"I had a very positive experience renewing my APC certificate with BDA. I was able to ask questions to clarify information on the website and receive swift responses. After submitting my application I received an email the next day to inform me that I had not signed the data protection form. This was outstanding as it ensured that my application was not delayed on account of my error.. I think that being able to get hold of people by email or phone makes all the difference when applying for the APC.

I then received word of passing together with feedback within 7 working days. The positive feedback indicated the good points in my APC report submission which validated my thinking about how to write a good diagnostic report. Additional feedback was given as to how I could improve my reports and I have already begun implementing this. I think the quality of the feedback given was the high point of the experience.

The entire APC process is one of high anxiety due to the stakes involved. The BDA approach reduced this anxiety substantially."

BDA Assessment Practising Certificate (APC)

The BDA is a SASC-approved awarding body for the Assessment Practising Certificate (APC). Our team of highly experienced and supportive reviewers will take applicants through the process of renewing their APC to ensure they maintain the high standards required of specialist assessors in this field. Please contact the accreditation department or visit our website and we will be happy to support you through the process.