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Helen Louise Aitken, 1932 – 2018 

Friday 11 September 2020

Helen Louise Aitken

Wiltshire Dyslexia Association (WDA) are sad to announce the passing of Helen Louise Aitken    

It was with great sadness that I learnt only recently of the passing of Helen Louise Aitken who was a member of the WDA for many years.  Louise died on 22 July 2018, at home after a short illness. Much loved by her late husband Seymour and children Robert, George, Helen and David.    

Louise was responsible for pioneering the first issues of Contact Magazine back in the Spring of 1982 from her vision of uniting the Local Dyslexia Associations and sharing news, stories and information. It was a success from the start, and Louise continued to serve as editor for many years. We hope that Contact Magazine will continue as her legacy for many years to come.    

On retiring from her role as editor, the team paid a warm tribute to her hard work and achievements:   

“Louise Aitken retired as Honorary Editor of Dyslexia Contact at the end of 1996.  We pay tribute to Louise for her untiring attention to detail and quality in the production of Dyslexia Contact.  Thank you, Louise, for nurturing this magazine over many years.”    

Louise also served the British Dyslexia Association (BDA) in the 1990s as part of the Publications Committee, and as a Director from 1991-1994. At the 2014 BDA Annual General Meeting, Louise was honoured with the Pioneer Award for her dedication and contribution to the world of dyslexia        

Robert, Louise’s son, wrote to the WDA saying:     

“I regret to advise you that she died in July 2018 and I’m sorry not to have let you or the national HQ know earlier.  I know as a long-term beneficiary of the BDA’s work and all that my mother did in the early days of the BDA, what continues to be done on this front for those that need extra help is so important - helping to achieve often locked up potential. She would be delighted that the good work of the BDA endures and prospers.”     

It was a pleasure to work with Louise over the years. Without her, we would not be the organisation that we are today.      

Caroline Fowke  

Wiltshire Dyslexia Association