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Dyslexia Action News Update: 19.4.2017

Wednesday 19 April 2017

This updated announcement has been posted on the Dyslexia Action website:

"Dyslexia Action

On Thursday 13 April 2017 Matthew Haw and Karen Spears of RSM Restructuring Advisory LLP were appointed as administrators of Dyslexia Institute Limited t/a Dyslexia Action. As of the above date Dyslexia Action has ceased to trade all operations except the Training Centre and Dyslexia Guild which continue to operate as usual whilst the administrators negotiate a sale of this division. If you have any queries please contact RSM's London office on 0203 201 8000 or email

Matthew Haw and Karen Spears act as agents of the Charity without any personal liability."

This announcement has been posted on the PATOSS website:

“Dyslexia Action Training and the Dyslexia Guild are not affected. All services including Membership, APC assessment and renewal and Training courses, as well as email and phone for the Training Department and Dyslexia Guild are running as normal.”

BDA Services

The BDA would like to restate our clear commitment to serving the needs of dyslexic individuals and those who support them. Please see here for FAQs about how to book a BDA diagnostic assessment (by either a specialist dyslexia teacher or psychologist) and how to find a suitable dyslexia tutor.

The British Dyslexia Association would be pleased to welcome new supporters who wish to help with the aim of building a dyslexia friendly society. Please do join us on social media on Facebook and Twitter to spread awareness and assist us with campaigning. We have wonderful supporters who take part in fundraising events and activities who may inspire you to join in!

BDA Helpline

The BDA Helpline offers free, accurate guidance and information, about both children and adult dyslexia and support (Tel: 0333 405 4567, email:, as does the BDA website, which includes a number of free webinars, CPD training materials for educators, and downloads (eg. Dyslexia Friendly Schools Guide – abbreviated version).


BDA offers a range of membership opportunities (individual membership, organisational membership and professional membership) and training courses (educator / employer), including a Level 5 accredited course and on-line moodle courses.

Training, Events and Conferences

The BDA also offers training, events and conferences for adults, employers and educators and the BDA International Conference and EXPO, showcasing the very latest research in dyslexia and evidence based good practice, as well as the latest technological advances, educational materials and assistive products. The call for papers for this conference can be seen here.

In addition, the BDA accredits training courses for dyslexia specialist teachers and assessors (see here for list of course providers), and as a professional body BDA offers Assessment Practicing Certificates, Teaching Practicing Certificates and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses.

BDA Projects

BDA works with a number of partners on specific projects and has an on-going commitment to developing further Children Will Shine childrens’ workshops nationally. This is a model which provides tuition at affordable cost for parents/carers and schools. The BDA would be interested to hear from specialist dyslexia teachers who might be interested in setting up Children Will Shine Workshop/s in their area (contact: for further information).

The BDA carries out extensive campaigning and policy work to establish, embed and protect appropriate provision throughout society for dyslexic individuals, consulting and liaising with government, the department for education, adult services and other decision making organisations (including examination related bodies). The BDA spreads awareness and accurate information about dyslexia through a number of key publications, reflecting the collected wisdom of well-respected experts in the field.

Local Dyslexia Associations

There are around 50 Local Dyslexia Associations (LDAs) affiliated to the BDA. Each is a separate charity in its own right. Most are manned by volunteers, offering meetings, talks, helplines and local knowledge, spreading awareness and information as part of their help for dyslexic individuals and those who support them. Some other Local Associations have some paid staff. Some offer screening, assessments and tuition, and other services, including those for adults. Please see here for contact details for your nearest Local Association for further details of what they provide. The LDAs are generally keen to attract new members and offer a warm welcome to new participants.

The BDA is deeply grateful to the dedicated staff, volunteers and supporters who make all of this possible and who change so many lives for the better.

The BDA aims to bring about a Dyslexia Friendly Society. Within this overall aim, the BDA has specified the following key current goals:

1. Early identification of dyslexic difficulties for all in society.

2. Availability of effective and appropriate teaching provision for all dyslexic children and adults.

3. Availability of appropriate assessments for all dyslexic children and adults.

4. Reasonable adjustments for dyslexic individuals within all sectors of society (including education, employment, training and the criminal justice services).

5. Information should be available for dyslexic individuals across the age ranges and sectors, and for those who support them, about effective strategies to help overcome dyslexia related difficulties, and how to maximise the strengths of those with dyslexia.

6. To raise dyslexia awareness.

The activities of the BDA contribute to the achievement of these key goals. If these are goals that you would like to support, we would love for you to join us. Together we can bring about real change, both now and into the future.

Thank you,

Dr. Kate Saunders CEO, BDA