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Department for Education end requirement for post-16 dyslexia assessments for DSA Applications

Friday 14 December 2018

Following a long campaign by the British Dyslexia Association, we are delighted that the Department for Education has announced an assessment for a specific learning difficulty (which includes dyslexia) undertaken at any age will allow people with dyslexia to apply for support right through to higher education – ending the need for post-16 assessments from February 2019 for those applying for DSA.

The compulsory post-16 diagnostic dyslexia assessments to qualify for support during higher education have long been an issue for young people with dyslexia and those who care for them. Whilst an additional assessment post-16 can be helpful, dyslexia is life long and no other disability requires re-diagnosing in this way.

The reality is that an additional assessment at post 16 is a large financial burden for families and in many cases, a barrier to young people with dyslexia getting support at university.

The announcement comes following a consultation by the Department for Education with many organisations involved in educating and assessing young people with dyslexia, including ourselves. It is a change we have long called for on behalf of the people we support. We are delighted that government has listened to the concerns.

A change of this nature will always throw up questions and we are awaiting the guidance notes from DfE which we will share as soon as they are available.

Thank you to everyone who has raised this issues with us. Without the body of evidence you have provided, this change wouldn’t have come about. We would also like to thank the Department for Education for listening to people’s concerns and taking this positive move forward.