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Delivering Hidden Difficulties/Neurodiversity Accredited Programme to Offender Education Professionals

Thursday 21 November 2019

Another day and another event... BDA is definitely a very busy organisation!

Today, BDA was once again working with a super group of Offender Education Professionals from Novus, delivering the BDA's Hidden Difficulties/Neurodiversity Accredited Programme.

Firstly it is always fantastic to work with people from this sector, but more broadly it is extremely gratifying to see an organisation making a real commitment to building the capacity of its staff in order that they have the skills and knowledge to support their learners effectively.

So day one, today, covering Dyslexia & Dyspraxia (DCD), with Dyscalculia & ADD next week, followed by a final foray into ASD & SLC and then wrapping it up with a round up of the overlapping nature of all of it, how to support both the generic issues and the specifics, with the added bonus of some tools to do it. Lots of ground to cover but well worth the effort!

Written by: Helen Boden, BDA CEO