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British Dyslexia Association’s Smart Award

Thursday 6 June 2019

The award gives organisations a practical and cost-effective pathway to support dyslexic employees.

Dyslexia is the single-largest neuro difference in the workplace. Every organisation will have dyslexics making a huge contribution but they are often under utilised, meaning they’re not achieving everything possible.

British Dyslexia Association’s Smart Award gives organisations keen to make their dyslexic colleagues feel valued and achieve their potential, a pathway that is practical, straightforward and cost effective.

In recognition of an organisation's achievement of the Dyslexia Smart Award, the British Dyslexia Association will publicly recognise an organisation’s active commitment to diversity and inclusion, that shows dyslexic colleagues and customers they are valued and supported, and helps raise awareness and understanding among all in the organisation.

What is Smart Award?

Smart Award is designed to recognise and promote good practice for supporting the needs of dyslexic and neuro-diverse individuals.

Organisations complete six simple steps that lead to dyslexic employees and customers being better supported, and that raise awareness and understanding. These include:

  • Awareness raising activity
  • Identifying a dyslexia lead in the organisation
  • Taking proactive steps to support employees with dyslexia who want support
  • Staying involved in the dyslexia community and keeping up to date with key developments

In recognition of their support for dyslexia, organisations receive…

  1. Use of the Smart Award logo that can be displayed on communications and publications
  2. Smart Award plaque, demonstrating to clients and service users that they are Dyslexia Smart
  3. Organisational membership of the British Dyslexia Association with associated benefits
  4. Inclusion on the British Dyslexia Association’s website
  5. Free licenses for online training modules
  6. Free digital copies of the Employers Code of Practice and the report Showcasing the ND Workplace

By undertaking Smart Award, your organisation will be recognised as a company that truly values the difference and the diversity of individuals.

Find out more

Find out more about Smart Award by clicking here. To enquire about taking part in Smart Award, contact