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British Dyslexia Association scheme to help people find products that support dyslexia

Thursday 7 November 2019

Today, the British Dyslexia Association is delighted to introduce Assured – a new project to help people with dyslexia, their families and sector professionals find products relevant to them.

The scheme does not review, endorse or recommend specific products, but is open to all and is checked by British Dyslexia Association to confirm, based on the evidence provided, we are happy to say they:

  • May be effective identifying or supporting dyslexia if used as intended
  • Are developed from generally accepted and well-established science
  • Make marketing claims that accurately reflect what a user can expect

The scheme has been developed to meet a demand for information from the British Dyslexia Association on the products available combined with an imperative to have fair and open standards for which products are included.

The BDA in no way endorses or recommends the products listed as it recognises that there are numerous factors that would impact on the way such products might be used and the individualised nature of dyslexia requires an individualised approach to support. There are also many great products out there that have yet to be included on the scheme.

It is great to welcome 14 companies onboard in the first wave of Assured. They provide an excellent range of products for all ages and we hope that those we represent find Assured a useful addition to the work of the British Dyslexia Association.

You can find all our Assured products on the Assured section of our website.

We would encourage any company wishing to be part of Assured to contact