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Being dyslexia friendly makes good business sense

Tuesday 18 September 2018

We are delighted to announce that QS Dyslexia Tests (QS) - part of Pico Educational Systems - is the sponsor of the British Dyslexia Association’s Adult and Employer Pack for Dyslexia Awareness Week 2018.

15% of the UK workforce is dyslexic - so supporting your employees enables potential and productivity to be maximised.

QS Dyslexia Tests (QS) provide two online products for adult dyslexia screening.

  • QuickScan Questionnaire (14+) and
  • QuickScreen Dyslexia Test (17+)

The products are ideal for both:

  • Individuals - single use payment and detailed report
  • Organisations - for their recruits, staff or students with a management portal, detailed reporting and annual license

Find out more at

Dyslexia Awareness Week Deals

In celebration of World Dyslexia Awareness Day on 4 October 2018, the QuickScreen Dyslexia Test for individuals will be free of charge (usually £19.50)

There’s a special offer for employers, universities and public sector organisations too. If you sign up for a QuickScan or QuickScreen free trial during Dyslexia Awareness Week (1-7 October 2018), your trial of the test(s) and the management portal will be extended to 3 months

Free resources for Adults and Employers

Please get your organisation involved in Dyslexia Awareness Week. There are lots of resources and information to help you, as well as free training and webinars throughout the week.

In simple terms being dyslexia friendly makes good business sense!

Roughly 9 million people in the UK alone have dyslexia. That’s 15% of the workforce that are employed and 15% of the customers businesses are trying to reach! Supporting your employees improves your business’ productivity and success.

Start by downloading the Adult and Employer Pack!

Through the work of the British Dyslexia Association and others, awareness of dyslexia has significantly increased. However, the knowledge and understanding around identifying dyslexia; addressing needs and how to develop strategies to overcome challenges still needs improving.

By playing your part in Dyslexia Awareness Week you are helping to keep the momentum going and work towards a dyslexia-friendly society.