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Helen Boden, BDA CEO: Dyslexia Awareness Week

Wednesday 9 October 2019

Dyslexia Awareness Week got off to a flying start for Helen Boden, CEO of the British Dyslexia Association, at Thales with over 200 staff from 10 sites joining the Let's Learn; Dyslexia Awareness Session.

It is great to know that a company the size and scope of Thales is committed to supporting its employees and raising awareness of dyslexia and neurodiversity. Thank you Carrie Kebble for hosting this and we are looking forward to doing more with you all in the future.

Day two of Dyslexia Awareness Week involved a meeting at DfE for Helen. The BDA works hard to work collaboratively with policy makers to influence for positive changes for dyslexics in all areas of society.

Education is something that is often make or break for dyslexic children, and sadly something to be endured rather than enjoyed for many of them, so we put in a lot of work to try and change this in order that dyslexic children can achieve their potential. It felt kind of appropriate to be here during awareness week.

It was an absolute privilege, not to mention a joy, for Helen Boden, BDA CEO, to be invited to present to Savills. Firstly because this is an organisation that is making a really positive commitment to dyslexia and neurodiversity and secondly because they recognise the real value that different thinkers bring to the business.

Lunch and learn events, such as this, are so helpful in putting dyslexia on the agenda within an organisation in a way that involves people who have a variety of connections/interests with the subject matter; dyslexic individuals, managers, HR and parents of dyslexic children all coming together to share information and experiences. Its all about putting it on the agenda in a non-threatening way and building confidence in everyone to have conversations about it.

Keep a look out for more updates from Helen later in the week!