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Are you a Private Hire Driver who thinks they might be dyslexic?

Thursday 4 May 2017

The British Dyslexia Associaiton (BDA) is looking for Private Hire drivers who think that they might be dyslexic and could have a problem with completing the new English test requirement to be re-licenced with TFL.

We are working to help you, but to do this we need to ask you to complete the Free Dyslexia Screening Test on our website. Simply click on the following link.

Click here to complete the test.

Don’t worry if you struggle to read, you will be able to listen to the questions.

Then keep up to date with any progress that we make negotiating with TFL for a fair playing field for dyslexics. Check out the News section on our website.

The BDA is a registered charity working to promote a dyslexia friendly society where dyslexics of all ages are able to reach their full potential.