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Professional Membership

BDA Workplace Practitioner (BDA WPP)

A vital part of unlocking talent is to ensure that individuals are supported effectively and have access to a quality Workplace Needs Assessments and other work focused support, this is the foundation stone upon which success can be built. Showcasing the Neuro Diverse Workplace

The BDA has launched a new professional membership tier for Workplace Practitioners. This includes Workplace Needs Assessors, Coaches and Assistive Technology Trainers.

While the BDA can provide Workplace Needs Assessments through its network of highly skilled assessors, for many organisations, identifying and training their own Workplace Practitioners is a worthwhile investment. Such individuals know and understand the internal workings of an organisation but sometimes lack the necessary dyslexia skills and knowledge. The BDA works with numerous large and small employers to build this internal capacity through our Training Programmes.

Once individuals have been trained, and passed the course assessment, they are then eligible to gain Professional Membership of the BDA as a Workplace Practitioner (BDA WPP). This membership tier is also open to those already working in this sector as Workplace Needs Assessors, Workplace Coaches and Assistive Technology Trainers.

The purpose of this membership is:

  • To ensure those commissioning such services can be confident in the skills, knowledge and ability of the party(ies) delivering those services
  • To provide professionals working in the field a uniting body through which latest research and thinking can be shared in order to develop the knowledge and skills of its members
  • To provide a professional development framework that recognises the skills and knowledge of its members publicly by allowing them to use the appropriate acronym in their title
  • To provide a quality framework of operational standards, ethics and code of conduct for its members in order that user groups can be reassured of the basis upon which the service(s) are provided. And also, a facility to check the credentials of individuals supplying such services
  • To set, maintain and develop standards of professional practise within the sector.
  • To provide networking opportunities for its members.
  • To investigate complaints made by service users about members and provide reassurance to user groups.

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