No Pens Day

No Pens Day

For many children and adults with dyslexia writing is a highly complex activity. Whilst they may know what they want to say in their head they struggle to get their ideas down on paper in a written form. This can lead to frustration and the individual not being able to show what they really know and understand.

For teachers “writing things down” is the usual method that enables them to assess how much an individual has learned. Yet for a dyslexic learner what they have written may not truly show their capabilities or knowledge.

The purpose of No Pens Day is to enable all children and adults to engage in activities that do not require writing and to explore other ways of showing knowledge and learning.

This year the BDA has linked with the Communications Trust and the challenge for Dyslexia Awareness week is to find new and creative ways of capturing learning that don’t rely on writing!

Are you up for the challenge?

Help to support the BDA by having a sponsored No Pens Day - for example each child donates £1 for taking part or £1 for every hour they don’t use a pen.

Everything that is raised helps the BDA to continue with its work to support dyslexic individuals and raise awareness.

Click here to download the No Pens Day Information & Sponsorship Form.

The BDA would like to express their thanks to the Communications Trust for sharing their resources and Touch-Type Read and Spell for their sponsorship.


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