Educational software

Educational Software

Wordshark is an effective, highly motivating program for reading and spelling, offering a database of over 10,000 words and more than 50 games to choose from.

Numbershark uses 50+ games and over 500 finely graded number topics to teach and reinforce numeracy in ways which add meaning and understanding to numbers.


About Nessy Learning

Nessy has been making fun, research based, educational software for children since 1999. During this time Nessy has developed a reputation for exceptional quality and has won the prestigious Educational Resources Awards three times. Nessy programs are used in over 10000 schools worldwide.


Nessy Reading and Spelling 

A professionally developed dyslexia remediation tool, Nessy Reading and Spelling consists of a series of 100 lessons divided over 10 animated islands. Applying the proven methods of the Orton Gillingham approach, students learn the core reading skills of phonological awareness, phonics, word recognition, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension and spelling. 

For a free 60-day trial Click Here. Please enter the activation code: BDA101 during the registration process.


Nessy Numbers

A powerful tool for helping students struggling with two common problems: multiplication tables and the telling of time on clocks with hands.  Students are guided through a series of exercises, learning in small steps until they achieve mastery.

Dyslexia Quest (Screening)

An effective, research based, fast and affordable dyslexia screening tool.  Nessy’s newly released Dyslexia Quest assesses strengths and weakness in working memory, phonological awareness, processing speed, visual memory, auditory memory and sequencing skills.

Professional Development

All teaching professionals should have a basic knowledge of dyslexia and reading disabilities in order to identify and properly support struggling readers in their classroom.

Nessy’s PD  program allows you to train when you want, where you want and on the device you want to use. Proceeded at your own pace through six fun, animated training modules and quizzes—no scheduling or presenter required!

Hairy Phonics

Using a structured approach, students are taught the 26 letter sounds and 44 phonemes of English. With a mastery of phonemic awareness students are then introduced to sound blending and sentence reading. 


Spellzone is an online English spelling resource written by a dyslexia specialist for students aged seven to adult.  Features include an Ability Test, Starter course, Main course and thousands of word lists for practice using activities and games.

IDL Literacy

IDLS (International Dyslexia Learning Solutions) provides specialist Literacy and Numeracy intervention software to schools.

The software is proven to lift barriers to learning and is now used by thousands of children across the world. If you would like to trial IDL Literacy or Numeracy for seven days, please click here and go to ‘Free Trial’.


Units of Sound, the leading online literacy intervention program, is now available for the home. Units of Sound has been used to support people of all ages with their literacy for over 25 years. The program is used in thousands of classrooms and educational settings across the globe. 

With its multi-sensory activities, Units of Sound covers Reading, Spelling, Memory and Dictation. Units of Sound is tailored to the individual making sure each student is working to a level that’s exactly right for them. Units of Sound boosts the skills and confidence of those who are behind in their reading and writing skills for whatever reason.

Literacy that fits has been specifically designed to be used at home. Sharing the same content, words and sounds as the professional Units of Sound program, a student can work at home with a minimal amount of assistance from a helper.

KAZ Type Limited

KAZ Type Limited has been successfully serving the educational sector for the past 20 years, in providing educational establishments worldwide with their unique and patented typing course. Their reputation for innovation and quality has been recognised and they are the only typing tutor to have been shortlisted as a BETT award 2019 finalist.

KAZ SEN/Dyslexia Typing Tutor

It has been proven that touch typing and using a computer are formidable and even life changing tools that opens doors for individuals with SEN/dyslexia, as it presents a new and powerful medium for learning and communicating.

KAZ’s New SEN/Dyslexia Edition

KAZ's new SEN/dyslexia edition was developed with advice and guidance from the Dyslexia Research Trust and teaches typing skills whilst minimising disturbances related to visual stress, by means of a unique ‘preference screen’- tailor making the program. This unique facility, combined with KAZ’s proven accelerating learning teaching method and a multi- sensory approach throughout, delivers a simple yet dynamic course, whilst ensuring the learning experience is both comfortable and enjoyable.

Suitable for ages 6+ and available online or as a download.


Touch-type Read and Spell (TTRS) is an award-winning online course designed to teach touch-typing and boost reading and spelling at the same time