Educational resources

The Five Minute Box: The Box provides secure basic skills for reading, spelling and writing thus maintaining self-esteem and a more positive attitude to learning. Suitable from school entry onwards, the programmes supports learning of phonics and the multi-sensory phonics programme which enables the early identification of potential specific learning difficulties.


The Five Minute Box 2: a follow on to Five Minute Literacy Box when all skills are confident, it provides a second start programme to reading and writing second stage phonics, next level keywords, generalised spelling patterns and dictionary skills. It is an ideal programme for children learning English as an Additional Language and takes children to the next level of reading and helps establish confident writing.


The Number Box: The Number Box is a multi sensory teaching programme and maths resource. Using multi-sensory teaching methods, The Number Box comes complete with materials, record of achievement recording booklets, and illustrated instruction manual.

Teaching assistants or parents use with individual children to establish basic concepts of numeracy, or to support groups of children who are not yet working with abstract concepts.