WEBINAR: How Does My Child’s Dyslexia Affect Me?

WEBINAR: How Does My Child’s Dyslexia Affect Me?

How Does My Child’s Dyslexia Affect Me?

Time: 7.30pm – 8.30pm

CPD certificate provided (this event is formal CPD)

Many people do not realise that dyslexia is genetic and when their children are assessed it can set a parent on their own path of self-discovery, which can impact how they interact with their own children’s circumstances.

Some parents struggle to engage with their own children’s dyslexia because it is too emotionally painful; it reminds them of their experiences with growing up, and with challenges to education.

Questions such as: 'What is going on? How do I deal with it? How can I develop myself whilst ensuring that my child feels my support with their dyslexia?' can arise as parent’s navigate through the challenges ahead.

Presenter - John Hicks

Join us for this thought provoking session, delivered by John Hicks. John is a parenting and neurodiversity coach, working with families who are experiencing dyslexia, and with young people who struggle to engage with education. Seeing the struggles that his daughters had at school, as well as his own, many years before, fuel his passion to support others.

He also writes frequently about the challenges of having dyslexia whilst in education, and strategies for not letting those challenges get in the way.

John can be found on Twitter with @DyslexiaBlogger or at www.parentingdyslexia.co.uk


Webinar cost: £5

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