WEBINAR: Dyscalculia: Moving Forward

WEBINAR: Dyscalculia: Moving Forward

Dyscalculia: Moving Forward

Date: 13th June 2018, 7.30pm – 8.30pm

Please join us in June for this fantastic webinar with presenter Judy Hornigold, Dyscalculia Specialist, Lecturer and Specialist teacher.

Judy will explore:

  • the definition of dyscalculia - is there one? Do we need one?
  • Understanding/increased awareness of dyscalculia (word of warning - dilution of dyscalculia)
  • Sub types of dyscalculia
  • Intervention - inclusion versus withdrawal
  • Singapore Maths - can this help?
  • Mindset and Maths - can this help?
  • Drill versus fluidity- what works for dyscalculics?
  • Building number sense - is it possible for dyscalculics?
  • Generalisation - reducing cognitive load


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