WEBINAR: Dyslexia and Maths, Dyscalculia and Maths Learning Difficulties: From the 1st IC to 2018

WEBINAR: Dyslexia and Maths, Dyscalculia and Maths Learning Difficulties: From the 1st IC to 2018

Aimed at anyone who wants to learn, from a practical perspective, how our knowledge and attitude has changed since 1989.  There will be a chance to ask Professor Chinn some questions at the end.

Professor Steve Chinn

Steve Chinn was founder and Principal of Mark College, Somerset. During his 19 years of setting up and running Mark College it was awarded Beacon School Status by the DfE, the first Award for Excellence. by the Independent Schools' Association, and a National Training Award.

Steve was a co-founder and then Chair of CReSTeD. He was Chair of the BDA’s 3rd International Conference. He received the BDA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017.

Steve is a visiting professor at the University of Derby. He has lectured and provided INSET and CPD in over 30 countries worldwide (including consultancy for the MOE in Singapore) and at many major conferences. He set up the UK’s first PG course for maths and dyslexia, accredited by the BDA for an AMBDA (Numeracy). The course was delivered for 4 years under Mark College's Beacon School funding.

As well as writing maths books, worksheets and tests, Steve has contributed chapters to many books, including 'Dyslexia and Mathematics' the first UK book on this topic. He has also published many papers, and articles. The first edition of ‘The Trouble with Maths’ won a TES/nasen award in 2004. The 3rd edition was published in 2016. The 4th edition of his ‘seminal’ book, ‘Mathematics for Dyslexics and Dyscalculics’ was published in 2017. ‘More Trouble with Maths’, now in 2nd edition, is a comprehensive manual, including tests, for diagnosing Mathematical Learning Difficulties and dyscalculia. His video tutorials, ‘Maths Explained’, have sold in 20 countries.

His latest projects are catch-up materials for Numicon/OUP ’Big Ideas’ and a 2nd edition of the BDA 40th Anniversary book, ‘Mathematics Learning Difficulties, Dyslexia and Dyscalculia’. Click here to visit his website.

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