CONFERENCE: Neurodiversity and Co-occurring Learning Differences

CONFERENCE: Neurodiversity and Co-occurring Learning Differences

Venue: London – Copthorne Tara Hotel, Scarsdale Place, Kensington, W8 5SY

This informative and thought-provoking conference will explore key issues around the Neurodiversity movement and also focus upon some specific learning differences. The conference is aimed at those who work in the education field and those who have an interest in the field.

  • The conference is formal CPD and a certificate will be provided on the day.
  • Lunch is included in the ticket price and this conference also gives lots of opportunities to network and ask lots of questions!
  • We will provide a set of speaker notes for each delegate.


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Our speakers and topic areas include:

  • 'Neurodiversity: an idea whose time has come?' - Dr Dominic Griffiths, Manchester Metropolitan University

This talk will open the conference and explore the concept behind Neurodiversity and some of the key themes. A Senior Lecturer in Inclusive Education and SEN at MMU University, Dr Griffiths has over 30 years' teaching experience in primary and secondary schools in both mainstream and special school settings, together with experience as a specialist dyslexia teacher and as a local authority advisor for Special Educational Needs and Inclusion. He has been an integral part of a number of academic research projects, aswell as working with the British Dyslexia Association, around Neurodiveristy and Dyslexia Friendly Quality Mark.

  • ‘Neurodiversity and ADHD’ - Professor Philip Asherson, King’s College London

Professor Asherson will explore the key issues around ADHD and neurodiversity, he has been a lead clinician in the National Adult ADHD Clinic at the Maudsley Hospital, London, UK, since 1998. His work focuses on genetic studies of ADHD in adults and children, and the clinical assessment and treatment of ADHD in adults. Professor Asherson is an author of over 260 articles and book chapters on the genetics of psychiatric conditions, including two books on ADHD in adults.

  • ‘Neurodiversity and Dyspraxia/ DCD’ - Professor Amanda Kirby, University of South Wales

Professor Kirby joins us to explore the issues and co-occurring nature of dyspraxia. She will reflect upon the profile of those with this learning difference and how it interplays and links with other learning differences.

  • Neurodiversity and Autism - Dr Sarah White, University College London

Dr White has recently been conducting research that attempts to draw out the benefits of the social difficulties in autism aswell as  the talents and strengths associated with Autism.  Dr White is an autism researcher at UCL's Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, studying cognitive abnormalities through behavioural and neuroimaging techniques.  The ultimate aim is to understand autism better in order that evidence-based interventions can be developed that are targeted at the source and make a real difference.

  • Neurodiversity – The Future? Professor Katherine Runswick-Cole, Sheffield Univeristy

Professor Runswick-Cole is Chair in Education in The School of Education. Katherine’s research is located in the field of critical disability studies. Critical disability studies aim to understand and challenge exclusionary and oppressive practices associated with disablism and consider the ways these intersect with other forms of marginalization including hetero/sexism, racism, poverty and imperialism. Her research focuses on the lives of disabled children and young people and their families and allies, and with the emerging field of disabled children’s childhood studies.   Her session will explore what lies ahead in the area of Neurodiversity?

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