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Free Webinar: Supporting Children with Memory Difficulties

In this webinar we will be discussing what working memory is and how it specifically affects children with dyslexia .

We will discuss some strategies and resources that can help. There will be an opportunity for a Q & A afterwards.


Tuesday 14th September 2021
7:00pm - 8:00pm



  • The dyslexic profile and how we assess memory difficulties
  • The difference between short term, working memory and long term memory,
  • The importance of multi-sensory teaching to support memory difficulties
  • Implications of memory difficulties in the classroom and in examinations

Target Audience: Parents and carers of primary mainly but could also help Secondary age

Katrina Cochrane - Specialist Trainer/Director

Katrina Cochrane is a specialist teacher and assessor and has worked in the field of dyslexia for over 20 years. She delivers training for the BDA, is a member of the BDA Accreditation Board and is an APC reviewer. She mentors other specialist teachers and contributes to books, webinars as well as her own annual dyslexia conference.