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Free Webinar: Understanding stress and anxiety within dyslexic children and building resilience

Within this 1 hour session, we will discuss what causes anxiety and stress within dyslexic children, signs to look out for at different ages and what you can do to help. How to approach conversations and what you can do to support the building of resilience.


Thursday 10th December 2020
7:00pm - 8:00pm



  • How stress is caused and triggered in our brain
  • Additional stresses your dyslexic child will be experiencing when learning
  • How stress inhibits learning
  • Signs of stress in children at different ages
  • Inviting the conversation around stress
  • How Positive and Emotional Intelligence can help build resilience and a different narrative for your child

Monique Wintle-Camp

Monique is a Co-Active Coach and Emotional Intelligence Coach, supporting individuals, groups and teams. As a Co-Active Coach, she believes that people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. Her role as a coach is to support you through a journey of self-discovery. Monique specialises in working with people to uncover, trust and use their confidence and purpose especially around neurodiversity. Being dyslexic, Monique always wanted to create environments where neurodiversity would be understood and appreciated for the skills that they could bring. When working within Oracle she was part of the Neurodiversity Network creating this environment.