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Dyscalculia screeners- what is available as an initial starting point when investigating dyscalculia?

Screeners, as with dyslexia, can be used as an initial, graduated approach in order to get intervention going.


Tuesday 9th June 2020
7:30pm - 8:30pm



A bit like with dyslexia, we need well-founded intervention. As the Rose reports states: “A good indication of the severity and persistence of dyslexic difficulties can be gained by examining how the individual responds or has responded to well-founded intervention.”

I wonder- my opinion- if we also need to show this for dyscalculia before we jump in with a full assessment. So by doing a screener, it will help guide professionals as to what / where we need to start, so that if we decide further investigation is needed, we have an evidence base and information to give to the assessor that will provide qualitative information to help inform the diagnostic decision in the future?

Initial assessment will help with this process to target interventions effectively. Possible resources could be: Steve Chinn 'More Trouble with Maths', Emerson and Babtie- "Dyscalculia Assessment", the initial tick sheets as used on the level 5 dyscalculia course and also on Steve Chinn's website (could also use his anxiety scaling sheet) and move onto online screeners (GL Dyscalculia screener and Dynamo maths), could mention DANS (Sarah Wedderburn) and Feifer Assessment of Maths (although more expensive).

It will provide an overview of what is available for schools to use as a starting point.

**1 hour CPD Certificate will be sent after attendance of the webinar**

Rebecca Thompson - Specialist Assessor

While studying at university, I took part in a voluntary placement at a unit for pupils with additional needs. Since that experience I have had a passion for bringing the best possible education to all students.

As a result of this passion, I have pursued a career direction as a specialist teacher and assessor, which allows me to contribute to ensuring that all students are able to access education and demonstrate their potential. For 25 years I have worked in schools, both in mainstream and specialist provision, as well as in LEA support services, before starting my own assessment service.

I am a BDA assessor, trainer and I am on the BDA review panel for APC renewals. I am also a senior assessor for the Postgraduate Award of Proficiency in Assessment for Access Arrangements (PAPAA) and was a level 5 assessor for the Diploma for Teaching Learners with SpLD (Dyslexia), OCR, before this course ended earlier in 2020.

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