Working towards the criteria

Working towards the criteria

You now have two years to work through the standards and to ensure that you are compliant with all of the criteria that make up the BDA Dyslexia Friendly Quality Mark Award for Schools.

A good starting point would be examine your existing practice and quantify what you need to do to meet the criteria of the award.  Here, we would advise you to use the Standards Audit Document to carry out a self-audit of your school.

You will find it useful to use the Guidance Document to help interpret some of the criteria; it also provides good instruction as to the items you will need to collect in evidence to support your achievement of the criteria stipulated. These documents are provided below.

The ‘Introduction’ document provides further guidance on how you might like to approach the audit process.

Once you have completed the self-audit you should have a clear picture of how dyslexia friendly your school already is and which areas require further development in order to reach the standard.  These areas for development will form your Action Plan.

Please note that both your Audit and your Action Plan will need to be submitted to the BDA in preparation for your verification visit. 

Relevant Documents

Individual Schools - Action Plan

Northern Ireland Schools - Action Plan

Individual Schools - Guidance Notes for Standards

Northern Ireland Schools - Guidance Notes for Standards

Individual Schools - The Standards Audit Document

Northern Ireland Schools - The Standards Audit Document