Identification of Dyslexia and other SpLD – Building and Identification Toolkit

Silver and Gold level Award

This training is designed to provide and introduction to identification and assessment of SpLD and Dyslexia.  Its aim is to present the participant with core skills in understanding key terms and the process for assessment. An overview of the programme is provided below:

  • The case for early intervention
  • What is assessment?
  • The nature of SpLD and Dyslexia
  • First Steps in a Graduated Response
  • Intervention Placement Tests (criterion referenced)
  • Levels of Identification
  • Checklists and Screeners
  • Choosing Individual Assessment Tools
  • Assessing Areas of Difficulty
  • What do Standardised Tests Tell us?
  • Diagnostic Reports: Structure and Use
  • Choosing and Planning Interventions
  • Monitoring Progress
  • Where can you find out more?


Completion of this training programme will provide your school with evidence to address a range of the criteria that make up the Silver and Gold awards.

Please note – this training does not qualify participants to be assessors, details of relevant qualifications can be found by following the link here.


Presentations – including speaker notes: Building an Identification Toolkit - Literacy Leap

Supportive Materials

1. Building an Identification Toolkit – Literacy Leap – Handout (print friendly)

2. Guided Parent Interview

3. Sample Pupil Questionnaire

4. Sample Pupil Questionnaire – Younger Learner

5. Assessment Information Summary

6. Activity 1 – Levels of Identification – Blank Grid

7. Activity 1 – Levels of Identification – Answer Sheet

8. Comparing Reading Comprehension Tests

9. Early Years ‘At Risk’ Checklist

10. Primary School Dyslexia Checklist

11. What do Standardised Tests Tell us?