Support Services

If you have any queries or questions regarding the process for the award, or with regards to any of the criteria, you may contact the BDA at any time.  The Literacy Leap team will be happy to take your call or to answer any email queries you raise.

Alternatively you might be interested in an on-site consultation meeting at your school to discuss the award in more detail, and to examine individual items of evidence and their compliance with the criteria. Consultation visits can be arranged at a fee of £300.00 plus VAT and travel for a half day visit and £500.00 plus VAT and travel for a full day visit.


We will keep you informed throughout the process of your time line for completing the award – schools are given one year, from the date of registration, to prepare for verification.

One month in advance of your verification date you will be prompted to complete you Record of Evidence Document:

This item acts as your ‘index’ of evidence and confirms that items are in place to support each of the criteria listed.

Submitting your portfolio

A date for submission will be confirmed to you from the date of your registration; we will also send you reminders at a number of points during the award process.  As the final date nears, instructions for submission (be it hard copy or electronic format), will be confirmed to you.

It is important that you comply with your confirmed submission date.


Please note that the BDA fully respects the confidentiality of the items you are submitting in evidence.  Your portfolio will be stored securely in strict accordance with our Code of Practice.

Return of items

Please note that if you submit a hard copy portfolio to the BDA there will be a small administration fee of £15.00 to return this to you at the end of the verification.