Structuring Your Evidence Portfolio

Please note that to achieve the award all criteria must be achieved.

The school should be able to demonstrate compliance through items of evidence taken from everyday working practice.  The Certification Framework document details each of the criteria and gives clear instructions as to what we are looking for with ‘Tips’ and suggestions for items of evidence, for example: 


Some schools have opted to provide their evidence in an electronic format, others have chosen to provide their supporting items in hard copy.  Either method is perfectly acceptable – we simply want to see that you have met the stipulated criteria within the items you provide.

If you do opt to provide items in a hard copy, then you may find the Evidence Dividers, provided below, of use to you in organising your portfolio of evidence.  They are also useful when delegating individual criteria to other colleagues, providing them with clear instruction and a place to put items they have sourced.

Please note that if you submit a hard copy portfolio to the BDA there will be a small administration fee of £15.00 to return this to you at the end of the verification. 

Evidence Dividers: