Process and Registration

The Process

It couldn’t be easier to register onto the Literacy Leap Certification Framework.  Simply complete the Registration Form provided here and the process will begin.


The Registration Form contains details of fees for each of the awards that make up the framework.  You will be asked to provide details of your school and to indicate which of the awards you wish to undertake:  Bronze, Silver or Gold.

Please note the framework is designed to be cumulative and progressive; however, this doesn’t mean that you have to apply for each award in turn. If, for example, your school has already met each requirement for Bronze Level and you would like to apply for the Silver award straight away, you can do so.

If you would like any help or guidance on this then please do not hesitate to contact the Literacy Leap Team at:

You will be required to submit your payment along with your Registration Form.  If you would prefer to be invoiced then please indicate this on your form along with your purchase order details.

You will receive a letter form the BDA confirming your registration and advising you of your next steps.