Literacy Leap

Welcome to the Literacy Leap certification framework

This framework is designed to encourage and celebrate best practice in identifying and supporting children who may be at risk of dyslexia and other SpLD, and helping them to achieve their potential.

The framework is informed by the SEND Code of Practice and aims to support schools in meeting its requirements.

Particular emphasis has been placed on enabling class teachers to identify and support the needs of children at risk of dyslexia and other SpLD and embedding this support within Quality First Teaching.

Download your copy of the Certification Framework here.


The criteria for the framework were developed by a steering committee comprising teachers and head teachers; local authority representatives; parents and grandparents of dyslexic children; and representatives of the British Dyslexia Association, Dyslexia Action, and Springboard for Children.

The framework was piloted in 40 primary schools in England as part of a Department for  Education funded project during 2015- 16; feedback from participating schools have been used to shape the final version of the framework presented here.


The framework is designed to be cumulative and progressive; this means that all Bronze Level requirements must be met before moving on to Silver, and, in the same way, criteria from these two levels must be completed before progressing to Gold Level.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to apply for each award in turn. If, for example, your school has already met each requirement for Bronze Level and you would like to apply for the Silver award straight away, you can do so.

The award is aimed at Primary schools and Early Years settings and provides recognition for a school’s ‘dyslexia awareness’. Benefits include:

  • An easy-to-use process that fully supports Quality First Teaching.
  • Access to supportive resources that will help and guide you to achieving the award criteria.
  • A framework that uses criteria developed by a steering committee made up of teachers, local authority advisers and parents/grandparents of children with SpLD.
  • Raising levels of knowledge and awareness across the whole school, from Board of Governors and SMT to teaching and support staff.
  • An opportunity for your school to demonstrate compliance with the SEND Code of Practice.
  • Schools have one year to achieve the award and hold it for 3 years before being required to re-apply.