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Creating a dyslexia friendly school

All education institutions have to work within the legal framework of The SEND Code of Practice and should be working to ensure that their students with special educational needs are well supported.

However, we believe that working to create an environment in which children with additional educational needs can thrive will have a positive impact on all students.

BDA Dyslexia friendly school awards

There BDA is currently able to recognise and celebrate best practice in supporting students with dyslexia through the following award.

BDA Dyslexia Friendly Quality Mark

The BDA Dyslexia Friendly Quality Mark Award for Primary and Secondary schools. This award has been developed by educationalists and specialists within the field of SEND, alongside parents and grandparents of dyslexic children.

This is a whole school award of nationally recognised dyslexia friendly good practice, focusing on:

  • Leadership and management
  • Quality of learning
  • The learning environment
  • Partnerships

The award ensures that all in the school have a good knowledge of the needs of the dyslexic individual and a range of school wide strategies to support those needs.

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