Train the Trainer: Teaching for Neurodiversity Webinars

Part 1 - Seeing the whole picture 19/01/2017

Additional Q&A of questions asked throughout the broadcast.

Part 2 - Understanding neurodiversity 26/01/2017

Part 2 - Dyslexia Action: Understanding neurodiversity Post 16/FE 26/01/2017

Dyslexia Action: Train the Trainer Part 3 - Classroom support strategies 31/1/2017

Teaching for Neurodiversity, Part 3 - Classroom support strategies (Secondary) 

Teaching for Neurodiversity - Part 3 - Classroom support strategies (Post 16/FE) 


Additional webinar materials

Part 1: Seeing the whole picture
Distinguishing the difference. SEN or EAL? 

Solihull EAL Tracker Key Stages 1 & 2

Solihull EAL Tracker Key Stages 3 & 4 

Training ideas for staff teams on reading challenges 

5 stage model of English as an Additional Language Acquisition

Part 2: Understanding neurodiversity

Using the SpLD checklist to draft profile and strategies 

Secondary EAL profile and planner 

Complexity grid

Literacy strategies SQ3R

The Dyslexia-SpLD Trust: Every Teacher is a Teacher of SEN resources