*Completed Project*

EUPALT is a LLL (Lifelong Learning) project funded by the European Union. The main project contents is the development of a "European Passport" for the Education of Therapists/Teachers Working with People with Dyslexia. Aim: By linking the existing EDA-frame to EQF-related learning outcomes and by transferring a curriculum assessment tool into the field of dyslexia, the quality, transparency and comparability of the training programs for persons with dyslexia are increased.

The aim is reached by learning outcome oriented curriculum transfer based on an already existing curriculum frame of the EDA and the possibility of a matching process between this learning outcome oriented framework (with focus on EQF) and individual or institutional portfolios. EUPALT supports therefore the recognition of competences and qualifications of trainers who traditionally come from different fields including informal learning (APL) as there is still no common frame or recognized curriculum in most EU 27.


  • EUPALT transfers EDA-frame contents into learning outcomes (knowledge, skills and competences) into a European curriculum for dyslexia trainers (also regarding NQFs and EQF).

  • Adapts in terms of transfer existing tools of accreditation (especially regarding informal training).

  • Enables processes of APL by means of using an online assessment tool ( - Stimulates processes to create certification bodies within the field of dyslexia.

  • Initiates pilot certification processes based on individual or institutional portfolios of the trainers.

  • Initiates main stream integration of a European curriculum in national contexts.

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