The Memorandum and Articles of Association of the British Dyslexia Association (BDA) is a two part document also referred to as the Constitution or Governing Document. It is a legally binding document which is registered both with the Charity Commission and Companies House as the BDA is both a Charity and Company Limited by Guarantee.

Part One, the Memorandum, includes:

  • The Objects of the Company,

  • The Powers under which the Company operates,

  • The application of income and property,

  • Trustees’ Interests,

  • and statements about the Assets of the Company.


Part Two, the Articles of Association, sets out:  

  • The relationship of the various membership categories of the Company; Local Associations, Organisational Members and Individual Members,

  • The rules governing General Meetings (Councils) of the Company,

  • The appointment and removal of Trustees (Members of the Board) who act as Directors of the Company,

  • The Powers and Duties of the Board,

  • The Proceedings of the Board,

  • The requirements for the keeping of financial records and for winding up (dissolution) of the Company.

In addition, the Articles of Association make provision for the Board to make rules or Byelaws as it thinks necessary for the management of the Company and conditions of membership of the Company or any group established to support the Company.

There are currently three Byelaws in operation: