Management Board

The Trustees are Directors of the Company. When the Board is complete it comprises:

A Chairman nominated by the Board by reason of possessing skills considered necessary and appointed in general meeting;

Four individuals to be drawn from among the members of the Local Associations;

Three individuals to be drawn from among the Individual Members;

Two individuals to be drawn from among the members of the Organisational Members;

Up to four individuals co-opted by the Board by reason of possessing skills considered necessary including a Treasurer and a legally qualified person. **(Extract from Article 8 of Articles of Association.)**

Current BDA Management Board:

David Williams, Joint Chair of Trustees
John Levell, Joint Chair of Trustees
William Plant, Honorary Treasurer, Co-opted trustee
Mike Johnson, Co-opted Trustee
Patrick Elliot, Co-opted Trustee
Mark Sherin, Organisational Member
Lesley Hill, Local Association Member
Fay Dutton, Local Association Member
Pam Tomalin, Local Association Member
Jeff Hughes, Local Association Member
Richard Phillips, Individual Member
​Gillian Audley, Individual Member
Tim Caiger, Observer
Colin Gallick, Observer
Hugh Payton, Observer
Linda Austin, Observer


(correct as of January 2018)

What are the responsibilities of Trustees? 

1. Individual responsibilities are to:

  • Attend trustee board meetings regularly;
  • Understand and be fully committed to the aims and principles of the organisation;
  • Challenge all incidents that contravene the organisation's equal opportunities policy;
  • Take a share of the board's work by offering to work on a sub-committee of the board;
  • Support all decisions once they have been agreed by the board;
  • Respect the confidentiality of board matters and discussions.

2. The joint responsibilities with all the other trustees are to:

  • Accept legal responsibility for the workers of the organisation;
  • Act as employers for the workers of the organisation; Decide overall policy for the organisation's work within the guidelines laid down by the members;
  • Be satisfied that within the constraints of resources, the organisation is meeting its aims;
  • Take a long term view of how the work of the organisation should develop;
  • Try to ensure that funding for the organisation continues;
  • Ensure that all trustee responsibilities delegated to paid staff and individual members of the organisation are carried out.


Articles from the BDA constitution relation to Board and Trustees. You can view the full Constitution (Memorandum and Articles of Association) here.

There is also more information about Charity Trustees on the Charity Commission’s website .