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About us

BDA people


Lord Addington

Vice Presidents

  • Diana Baring
  • Professor Angela Fawcett
  • Lady Jane Lloyd
  • Professor Kevin Morley
  • Ian Smith
  • Sir Jackie Stewart OBE
  • Anne Watts CBE
  • Professor Joel Talcott
  • Tim Caiger
  • Sharon Hodgson MP
  • Henry Smith MP


Nick Posford, CEO

BDA Management Board

  • Colin Gallick, Chair
  • Liane Cockram, Vice Chair
  • Tim Neale, Treasurer Co-opted Trustee
  • Patrick Elliot, Co-opted Trustee
  • Mark Sherin, Organisational Member
  • Arran Smith, Organisational Member
  • Jeffrey Hughes, Local Association Member
  • Carolyn Fay Dutton, Local Association Member
  • Delia Hazell, Local Association Member
  • Pamela Tomalin, Local Association Member
  • Patrick Keaveney, Individual Member
  • Michelle Catterson, Individual Member

(Correct as of 17 September 2020)