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Mollie King

“I got diagnosed when I was about 10. My mum was the first person to notice that I found reading really difficult. Having a diagnosis filled me with a sense of relief. For so long I didn’t understand why I found things really difficult that my classmates found relatively easy, so just to have that understanding made such a huge difference.

It’s definitely something that does still affect me in day to day life but I think my main message is to not let it ever stop you and to realise that you might find some things harder but there are so many benefits to it. I think that you become a naturally hard worker but there are so many creative people and so many people who achieve such wonderful things who are dyslexic so don’t let it hold you back.
I knew I always wanted to sing and dance and when I was 20 I got into the Saturdays which I did for over 6 years and now I’m a DJ on Radio 1 which I love as well.

I do think that people who are dyslexic, there is something where we just have that drive inside of us. I don’t know whether it’s because we’re used to having to work that little bit harder but everyone who I’ve ever met who is dyslexic always has that fire in their belly and they always want to strive to succeed.

There are so many positives about being dyslexic, it’s just about finding what your strength is.”