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Georgia Steel

Television Personality and Content Creator, Georgia Steel joins the BDA as an Ambassador.

Georgia Steel comes on board with the British Dyslexia Association as an Ambassador. She candidly shares her own dyslexia story along with how she hopes she can inspire others to achieve in their personal and professional journeys.

24-year-old Georgia has upwards of 1.6 million Instagram followers after rising to fame following her appearance on Love Island in 2018. She has openly discussed the barriers she has faced due to her dyslexia and wants to inspire others.

Georgia said, “I always found it hard learning and it was something my family picked up in the super early stages of my life.

“I was never to think of it as something that was “bad” but just part of me, I was diagnosed with it at high school. I’m happy that I found out I was dyslexic and never used it as an excuse in my early learning years, I just accepted I maybe needed some more TLC when it came to my learning.”

Georgia was fortunate enough to have a strong support system around her as she was growing up and navigating her future. She continues, “My mum always knew I had a learning difficulty – however, she never made this an excuse for me or for something to be ashamed of.

“What you lack in certain areas you always make up for it in another. I like to think my creativity makes up for the fact I might not be the most academic person, but it’s what makes me, ME!”

However, like most living with dyslexia and other learning differences, Georgia explains that she has faced barriers, especially in her line of work. She often has to read briefs, write quotes and captions and uses tools like email in her day-to-day work.

“I have a lot of trolls online that pick up on my spelling mistakes, this used to upset me but now I feel that my following have a better understanding of my journey with dyslexia, they have a better insight through things I’ve shared which is good to see.”

Georgia finishes by saying, “I’m so, so excited to be an Ambassador for BDA!

“I love the fact I’m turning something that was a struggle for me throughout my life into something which I now see as a positive! It’s something I wasn’t on my own with and now I can help other young people see that too.

“If it’s in your makeup, then embrace that and don’t be ashamed! That’s the main message I’d like people to understand.”