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Darren Clark

Darren Clark is the Director of the ‘Spotless Group’, a group of successful cleaning and training companies based in the south-west of England. Having only been diagnosed with dyslexia in his late thirties, he left school with no qualifications and had to work extremely hard to earn his previous position as regional manager for one of the largest food retailers in the UK. Darren decided that raising awareness for dyslexia was paramount in order for it to be recognised early, and wants to inspire in every generation the knowledge that dyslexia is actually a superpower that allows you to see things differently, and you can be successful regardless.

Having spent most of the last few years talking to school students, he is now working internationally with his most recent trip to Kenya having a huge impact and leading to many more worldwide engagements. Being an ambassador for the BDA is a huge honour and will only support Darren’s mission to make a change for everyone struggling with dyslexia and lacking in self-worth.

“I really struggled at school, no matter how hard I tried I just didn’t seem to be learning at the same pace as my peers. Being asked to stand up in class would fill me with anxiety and I would come home to my family everyday feeling stupid and with crippling headaches. Each day at school I would hope that things would somehow be better, and my understanding of the lessons would suddenly improve. Sadly, this never happened. As I moved upwards through the years at school, more of my time would be spent in ‘The Unit’, a freezing portacabin in the far reaches of the school grounds where the ‘problem’ kids were sent to receive special help. The special help never materialised, and I came to understand that kids were sent to ‘The Unit’ to get them out of the way. No person should ever go to school or work feeling like that, and I want to assist in that change."