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Claud Williams

Claud is a successful businessman who realised that technology could not only help him exploit his natural talents but also overcome some of his dyslexic challenges. Claud's dyslexia was diagnosed at an early age, and during this time, he discovered that technology could help him overcome some of his literacy challenges and exploit his natural talents and passions.

He went on to launch his first business at the age of 17 and since then gone on to create several very successful creative projects and flourishing businesses. His new venture Dream Nation is a practical personal development platform, which blends artificial intelligence with psychology and creativity to develop revolutionary learning and coaching experiences.

Claud knows only too well that society is quick to judge, and often a dyslexic person's unique talents go unnoticed.

"I'm a huge believer in the unique potential that each individual possesses; however, it's also clear to me that society right now is failing to support many people's gifts. People with dyslexia have so much to offer the world, but without the right systems in place, our talents are wasted. If this is allowed to continue then everyone will lose out."