APC - Route 1

Application Route One

A Route 1 Application for an Assessment Practicing Certificate is for people who are:

  • A Full Member of the British Dyslexia Association
  • A current holder of a specialist dyslexia qualification (Postgraduate Diploma or equivalent) gained within the last 5 years;

Before you Apply:

  • Please read the Code of Ethics and Conduct before submitting your application form
  • For updated information on recommended assessment tests please follow this link.
  • An APC has a life of three years.  To extend this, applicants must commit to carry out on-going appropriate continual professional development – please see our CPD section here

How to Apply for an APC:


Your application will only be considered when a Route 1 Application form is submitted

APC Candidate Form:


Payment may be made by Credit Card, alternatively payment may also be made by Invoice or Cheque (made payable to “British Dyslexia Association”).  All fees are non-refundable.  Evidence of payment must be included in the application.

Credit Card Form:

Invoice Form:


Route 1 Total cost is £233 and includes:

  • Marking / Issuing of Assessment Practising Certificate (valid for 3 years): £165.00.
  • BDA Professional membership: £68.00
  • Registration on SASC Website
  • Please note a fee of £2.50 is added to cover any credit card charges and is not included in the total cost stated above..

Professional membership

Your application will only be considered when evidence of an application for Professional membership is received.   Please note that Professional membership is not the same as AMBDA and has its own annual costs associated with it.

(4) Post your application:

Please send a single copy of your paperwork, including payment, by post to:

Accreditation Administrator

Unit 8
Bracknell Beeches
Old Bracknell Lane
RG12 7BW

Any questions regarding your application should be directed to the Accreditation Administrator

Email: accreditation@bdadyslexia.org.uk

Telephone: 01344 381560