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Professional Accreditation

There are various professional accreditations available:


AMBDA stands for Associate Membership of the British Dyslexia Association.

ATS stands for Approved Teacher Status.

APS stands for Approved Practioner Status.

These are specialist qualifications for working with children and are increasingly being recognised by LEAs and other employers.

The Joint Council for Qualifications approves AMBDA. This means that it is an accepted qualification giving teachers the right to assess and make recommendations for provisions for external examinations.

There are the equivalent qualifications AMBDA FE/HE and ATS FE/HE for those working with those in the further and higher education fields.

Download the application pack here.

To help with the application process please see the following flowcharts:

  • Flowchart 1 - the AMBDA/ATS accreditation process
  • Flowchart 2 - a flowchart to help you choose the best course for you.

AMBDA Numeracy

AMBDA Numeracy is designed for those working with dyslexic learners in the mathematics classroom.


ALSA stands for Accredited Learning Support Assistant.

This is an expanding area of accreditation and gives learning support assistants recognition for their skills in supporting dyslexic children in the classroom under the supervision of the class teacher.

All BDA accredited courses must be validated by Higher Education Institutions to ensure that the highest possible standards are maintained.

If you would like an application form for either AMBDA or ATS, please download them from the Application Forms and Information section.


Upcoming Accreditation Board Meetings:

September 2014 – deadline for applications is Friday 15th August 2014.

Please note that dates for the Accreditation Board Meetings are provisional and may change.

All applications must be submitted in triplicate (the original form and two further copies)