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Dyslexia Handbook

The British Dyslexia Association’s Dyslexia Handbook 2014 is available for purchase.

Edited by Dr Julia Caroll Professor Angela Fawcett and Dr Kate Saunders.

Compiling the latest in research, new practices and studies from around the world, this years Handbook is a must for those in the dyslexic field.

This year's edition includes contributions from:

  • Professor Angella Fawcett
  • Judith Stansfield
  • Dr Sylvia Moody
  • Keith Holland
  • Dr Julia Carroll
  • Pol Ghesquiere
  • Professor Usha Goswani
  • Professor Brian Byrnr
  • Profeesor Linda Siegal
  • Professor Donald Compton
  • Professor Kate Cain
  • Professor Michelle Mazzocco
  • Professsor Joel Talcott

*Editors Note

The 2014 Dysleixa Handbook edition has a includes content from the keynote speakers of our 9th International Conference (Creating Impact Through Innovation) explaining the test research in dyslexia and related fields and how it impacts on educational practive. The handbook also includes updates from various dyslexia organisations and BDA Commities about the work they have carried out over previous year, as well as valuable information for the education and commercial sectors.

The Dyslexia Handbook 2014 can be purchased through our store. Please click here to purchase.