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Inclusion Development Programme (IDP): Dyslexia and Speech, Language and Communications Needs (SLCN) – An interactive resource to support headteachers, leadership teams, teachers and support staff

The Primary and Secondary IDP resources have been made available on one integrated DVD in order to support continuity and progression for pupils, and to support the alignment of key messages related to the inclusion and achievement of pupils with dyslexia or speech, language and communication needs (SLCN).

The DVD includes video exemplification drawn from both primary and secondary schools. This presents users with a choice in terms of viewing and using samples from one or both phases.

There are three sections within the resource:

  • Guidance for headteachers and leadership teams.
  • Foundation Level Knowledge (FLK) units: dyslexia.
  • Foundation Level Knowledge (FLK) units: SLCN.

The resource has been specifically designed to serve two purposes:

  • to support headteachers, SENCOs and leadership teams in planning to raise the attainment of pupils with dyslexia and other literacy needs and pupils with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) as part of the annual cycle of school improvement.
  • to support teachers and support staff in their planning for inclusion and in the further development of teaching strategies to effectively meet the needs of pupils with dyslexia or SLCN. This resource is not intended to provide high-level specialist training, but is designed to increase the confidence of teachers and others when seeking to identify and address SEN.

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