Organisational Membership

The British Dyslexia Association is first and foremost a membership organisation representing the interests of dyslexic people. We offer a choice of 4 different membership levels so you can select the one that best fits your scale, resources and needs. Each level of membership reflects a different size of organisation, working on a different financial budget and possibly at a different stage of maturity or need for BDA services and support.

Bronze Organisational Member: This is the standard membership offering a basic package of membership benefits for the lowest cost. This type of membership is most appropriate for small organisations or those with emerging knowledge of the relevance of dyslexia within their workplace.

Silver Organisational Member: Silver membership is the natural “upgrade” as organisations become larger and / or have growing awareness of dyslexia and its impact on their staff.

Gold Organisational Member: Gold membership is regarded as the most likely destination for mid-sized organisations which do not have the resources to take advantage of the benefits offered to Platinum Members but wish to provide a service to maximise the support they give to dyslexic employees or staff.

Platinum Organisational Member: Platinum membership is intended for large organisations which have the resources to fund this level and are sufficiently large to benefit from the additional services it provides./p>

Core benefits:

  • Representation on the BDA Management Board
  • An invitation to the BDA’s AGM
  • Key membership consultation right e.g. to table a resolution
  • Voting rights at AGM council meetings.
  • Discount of 10% on only one open training course, limited to 2 members of your OM, not available on accredited courses. ** Maximum two hours presentation (expenses not included, payable by OM).

Benefit Bronze Organisational Member Silver Organisational Member Gold Organisational Member Platinum Organisational Member
E-Newsletter Y Y Y Y
The Dyslexia Handbook Y Y Y Y
BDA Dyslexia Contact Magazine Subscription Graduations 1 annual subscription 1 annual subscription 2 annual subscriptions up to 5 annual subscriptions
BDA Conferences Delegate(s) Discount of 5% 1 Delegate 2 Delegates 2 Delegates 2 Delegates
BDA Employer’s Code of Practice Complimentary PDF Copy Complimentary PDF Copy Complimentary PDF or Hard Copy Complimentary PDF or Hard Copy
Consultation Including Annual Employer Survey Y Y Y Y
Making the Most of Your BDA Membership Pack Y Y Y Y
Recognition of BDA Member Status BDA OM Logo and Certificate Y Y Y Y
Donations and Sponsorship Opportunities Y Y Y Y
BDA Website Listing Name Name and Contact Name, Contact and Biography Name,Contact, Bio and Logo
Discount - BDA Training* N Y Y Y
Discount Advertising rates in BDA publications (Contact, Handbook and Website) N 5% off 10% off 10% off
Dyslexia Journal Subscriptions at the Current Special Rate of £55 N Y Y Y
Discount - Exhibition Stands at BDA Events N 5% off 10% off 10% off
Discount – BDA Publications Online (one order per year) N N 10% off 10% off
Employee Network Support Setup Document N N N Y
Disability Awareness Presentation** N N N Y
Membership Benefit Consultation N N N Y
Membership Fee per year £150 + VAT £250 + VAT £750 + VAT £1500 + VAT
Membership Fee per year with VAT Total £168.00
(VAT is £18.00)
Total £273.08
(VAT is £23.08)
Total £814.28
(VAT is £64.28)
Total £1631.25
(VAT is £131.25)
Pay by Direct Debit


Pay By Card (£2.50 admin fee applies)