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Amanda Laurence, Mentee, on her group session with David Richards, Chair of Aston Martin.

"Thank you again for an interesting and motivational afternoon. David Richards was very open, displayed a great positive attitude and was happy to answer any questions. It was extremely valuable to hear how dyslexia impacts his working day and what strategies he has put into place.

"Please can you let me know if there are further group sessions as I would be very keen to attend."

Simon Hodges, Mentee, on the launch of the Mentoring Scheme in March:

"Very many congratulations to you and your team for the organisation and execution of this event, I believe for me personally it was simple the most inspirational gathering that I have been lucky enough to attend 'ever'.

"I thought the event was just fantastic. I felt quite emotional at times listening to the speakers and to the other delegates. I was also so uplifted and the event had such a positive impact on me.

"I am desperately trying to get the mentoring form filled in and sent back to the BDA, hopefully it will not be too late."

Melanie Davidson, Mentee, on the IT Software that Mentees recieve:

"Thank you for letting me take part in the technology training last week I really enjoyed it, please can you thank the guys that did the demonstration and also the people who donated the software. I am using the claroread to write this email I fine the predictive text very helpful. I have been going through the training for dragon naturally speaking, I am having fun learning how to use it.

"I started a new job yesterday as a team leader for a accounts payable team for a company I worked for in the past, I have a lot to learn but I'm sure I will get there."

Dr Maria Sourbati, Mentee, on the IT Software that Mentees recieve:

"Thank you for making it possible for us to extend our training in assistive technologies by joining MindGenious tutorials.

"I also wish to express my gratitude to you personally, to the BDA, the Cass Business School and the project's sponsors for including us in the training session of the 5th of August. The tutorials by Microlink were well run and the whole atmosphere was friendly and conducive. I am sure the software will be most helpful for my day-to-day administrative and research tasks. I consider myself extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to join BDA's training sessions as a mentee."

"Thank you all for offering us this wonderful opportunity."