Legacy Donations

The BDA have been involved in research and projects in supporting individuals of all ages overcome difficulties associated with dyslexia. By including the BDA in your final wishes will help us continue our support and make society even more dyslexia aware.

Dyslexia is a genetic neurological condition and can so often impact generations of a family. By leaving a gift to the BDA in your final wishes, you will be helping us in our mission of creating a dyslexia friendly society.

After 45 years of campaigning for improved awareness of dyslexia, the BDA rely on charitable donations from individuals and organisations to support the work we do. Dyslexia is not a ‘new’ disability, but the awareness and impact it can have on people’s daily lives is only just becoming common knowledge.

Below are some helpful hints to help you get started in writing your Will.

Use prompts to help focus your mind, e.g. Where, When, Who, What, How

Visualise: If you are put off my lists of words try mind maps, or using colours to identify different information types. Try using pictures or writing a section in particular room in the house.

Break tasks into manageable chunks, if you are writing your own will or using a solicitor you will need to have an understanding of what is required. This could result in your working memory becoming ‘overloaded’, try identifying logical sections and working on them at a time.

Proofreading: If you know you have difficulty identifying unfamiliar legal phrasing or words ask a trusted friend / partner to read the document to you.

Our website has lots of information on what dyslexia is and the types of support available or you can call our National Helpline on 0333 405 4567.