Monday - Identification of dyslexia

Monday 3rd October 2016 - Identification of Dyslexia

There are numerous reasons why identifying dyslexia is important, many studies have shown that early identification is the key to success for individuals that are dyslexic. Early intervention and support following identification provides an opportunity for individuals achieve their potential.

In simple terms the identification of dyslexia is the key to unlocking talents and abilities that otherwise may be lost to society.  Where would we be without the likes of Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Steven Spielberg, Walt Disney, Winston Churchill to name but a few famous dyslexic individuals.

All of these and many others were/are successful because they were able to think in different ways. Identification of dyslexia could help us unlock the talents of so many more individuals who could shape our world for the better in the future. 

 “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. Imagination encircles the world.” - Albert Einstein.

Many children go through school unaware that they are dyslexic and as a consequence leave education with poor results and even poorer self-esteem and believe that they can’t achieve. Identification of dyslexia is key to helping individuals achieve their potential. 

Find out more about BDA training courses to help education staff better support students with dyslexia. 

You can also visit our Diagnostic Assessment page to find out how to get an assessment for dyslexia.

We are also inviting primary schools to take part in a Sponsored Spell during Dyslexia Awareness Week. This fun event aims to support literacy development whilst also raising awareness and funds for the British Dyslexia Association. 

Free Screeners are also available during Dyslexia Awareness Week from;

Dyslexia + Profiler (aged + 16 years)

Quick Screen (aged + 17 years)

Nessy - Dyslexia Test (5- 7 year olds)