Friday - Working together

Friday 7th October 2016 - Why is the right help important and how can we raise awareness together?

At the beginning of this week several famous dyslexic individuals were identified, there are many, many more. Imagine for a moment that these individuals hadn’t been successful? What if they hadn’t made these contributions to society? Where would we be today?

In all fields there are incredibly successful people who ascribe much of their success to their dyslexia. We often quote as examples Richard Rogers, the architect, or Nigel Kennedy, violinist, or Jackie Stewart, the racing car driver.  Research carried out by the BBC in 2003 on 300 millionaires discovered that 40 percent of these self-made millionaires were diagnosed with dyslexia and related learning difficulties. This also begs the question about those who have not been diagnosed?

By raising awareness and ensuring that there is access to identification, assessment and support then maybe there can be even more innovations and individuals that can help society move forwards. Society needs the different thinkers that bring with them creative problem-solving skills. 

This can though only happen if we work together to build a global understanding of dyslexia and the potential that comes with it.  

Find out more about BDA training courses to help education staff better support students with dyslexia. 

You can also visit our Diagnostic Assessment page to find out how to get an assessment for dyslexia.

We are also inviting primary schools to take part in a Sponsored Spell during Dyslexia Awareness Week. This fun event aims to support literacy development whilst also raising awareness and funds for the British Dyslexia Association. 

Free Screeners are also available during Dyslexia Awareness Week from;

Dyslexia + Profiler (aged + 16 years)

Quick Screen (aged + 17 years)

Nessy - Dyslexia Test (5- 7 year olds)